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Arzeno: Statement on Mass Shooting of Children at Elementary School in Texas

“Here in Connecticut, we will never be the same. After Sandy Hook Elementary school endured its own deadly tragedy, our General Assembly passed a major gun-control bill with broad bipartisan support. And yet, once again, we must ask what can we do as a society to prevent this from happening once again?” – Hector Arzeno, Democratic candidate for Connecticut House district 151 Continue Reading →

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ARZENO: BET Democrats Offer Competent Fiscal Management

“From a long-term perspective, maintenance of the Town’s infrastructure is a ticking fiscal time bomb. Republican decisions to shrink the capital tax levy to provide a short-term tax relief bromide, reflects a policy of ‘DON’T pay as you go’ and if not corrected will yield gaping holes that future taxpayers will have to meet or risk seeing our infrastructure become more and more dilapidated.” – Hector E Arzeno Continue Reading →

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An Open Letter to the Members of the Board of Estimate and Taxation

“We are as concerned as everyone about the economic impact of the pandemic. However, current indicators suggest our Town’s finances have held steadfast. Property transactions — and conveyance tax revenues — have increased. Divide the $900,000 difference between the BET and BOE budgets by the 16,000 families living in Greenwich and one gets $56.25.” – group letter Continue Reading →

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SEEC Launches Investigation into Allegations of Misuse of State Election Financing by State Rep Harry Arora

“The expenses mentioned in the complaint are all for legitimate payments made to other entities including Google, USPS etc. through a family-owned entity that did not retain any of the funds. To the extent this needs to be clarified in the fillings, our campaign Treasurer will work with the SEEC to do so.” – Harry Arora Continue Reading →

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ARZENO: Republicans Should Be Holding Their Leadership Accountable

“After reading the RTC’s statement on the attempted Coup, wherein they meandered to a discussion about zoning regulations and school compliance with ADA, subjects that most if not all of us promote in Greenwich, bearing no relation to the horrific actions their party just took part in, I am saddened by how far our local Republicans have fallen. ” – Hector Arzeno Continue Reading →

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