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ARZENO: Republicans Should Be Holding Their Leadership Accountable

“After reading the RTC’s statement on the attempted Coup, wherein they meandered to a discussion about zoning regulations and school compliance with ADA, subjects that most if not all of us promote in Greenwich, bearing no relation to the horrific actions their party just took part in, I am saddened by how far our local Republicans have fallen. ” – Hector Arzeno Continue Reading →

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LETTER: Arzeno treats everyone equally and with respect. He brings people together. He listens.

“I credit much of my successful legal career to the opportunity Hector created for me. Back in the 1990s, it was uncommon for a young woman to lead on complex corporate transactions. I still remember that afternoon, in 1994, being one of only two women in a conference room full of male corporate executives and investment bankers in dark suits in the middle of a tense negotiation. All heads turned to me, when Hector asked, “Priscilla, what do you think?” With that one simple question, Hector validated me and my work. Since Hector valued what I had to say, everyone felt then they must, too.” – Priscilla Almodovar, Former White & Case LLP Partner, Former JPMorgan Chase Managing Director, Current CEO, Enterprise Community Partners Continue Reading →

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