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“Check Your Unconscious Biases about Veterans” – Female Colonel USAF Commander

“As a woman who has served 27 years in the Air Force, I am often mistaken for the civilian spouse of my military husband. Unconscious biases – we assume that men are service members.” – USAF Commander, Col Amanda Evans Continue Reading →

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ERICKSON: Hector Arzeno is the right candidate for these times.

“Hector has zero interest in grandstanding.  You surely will not see him on Newsmax propagating a narrative that a broad swath of public school teachers are indoctrinating our children.  This false narrative negatively portrays our local school system and hurts all of us.” – Laura Erickson is currently serving her second term on the BET and is a former Chair of the BOE Continue Reading →

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Arzeno: Statement on Mass Shooting of Children at Elementary School in Texas

“Here in Connecticut, we will never be the same. After Sandy Hook Elementary school endured its own deadly tragedy, our General Assembly passed a major gun-control bill with broad bipartisan support. And yet, once again, we must ask what can we do as a society to prevent this from happening once again?” – Hector Arzeno, Democratic candidate for Connecticut House district 151 Continue Reading →

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