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Wernicke: Democrats Are the Party of Fiscal Responsibility, Inclusiveness and Long-Term Vision

“The Republican short-sighted “pay as you go” strategy has left a staggering backlog of building projects, including those for our schools, pedestrian safety, and fire response times. Through their delay, the Republican majority on the BET has added tens of millions of dollars to the constructions costs of these projects.” – Sherry Wernicke Continue Reading →

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Kordick Submits “Offer of Compromise” to Settle Lawsuit against Greenwich for Alleged Retaliation for Exercise of Protected Political Speech

Former Greenwich Police Captain Mark Kordick claims there was retaliation against him for exercising his constitutionally protected right to engage in off-duty political speech. Continue Reading →

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QUIGLEY: The Corporate Interests Behind Desegregate CT

“The idea that Desegregate CT is simply a coalition of underdogs working to establish more affordable housing options is very hard to reconcile considering the fact that its main financial and logistical sponsor, Regional Plan Association, is itself backed by many large corporate interests all of whom stand to profit from more development.” – Dan Quigley Continue Reading →

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Marathon Hearing Draws 340+ to Testify; Republicans Mostly Oppose, Dem’s Mostly Favor SB 1024 “The DeSegregate CT Bill”

These proposed bills not only ignore the economic reality of home pricing in high opportunity towns, but their adoption will suffocate efforts in affluent communities to create actual affordable units via private sector development.” – Danielle Dobin, Westport P&Z chair Continue Reading →

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