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LETTER: The BET’s Shortsighted Penny-Pinching Risks Traffic and Pedestrian Safety in Byram

“Byram is the most densely populated part of town, as well as the most pedestrian-oriented. Yet Byram is also home to some of the most frequent accidents in town—some of which have been fatal. This is not only morally unacceptable, it also leaves the town legally liable for million-dollar lawsuits.” – Brian O’Connor, Chair, Traffic Committee, Byram Neighborhood Association Continue Reading →

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Janet Stone McGuigan: I cannot put my name to the budget that is being put before the RTM

“The budget process that began prior to the pandemic was a public affair that was noticed well in advance of meetings, with documents explaining what would be discussed and decided upon. The final decision day was not.” – Janet Stone McGuigan Continue Reading →

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Fassuliotis: Why I Did Not Vote for the Town FY 2019-20 Budget

“Lost in the din of those calling for more taxes are the voices of taxpayers who are pleading for us to lower our tax growth. Adding taxes to an already burdened constituency – and yes, many in town are overburdened with taxes – in a year where Hartford is proposing massive tax increases on everything that moves and every service that is provided – including tolls and cats.” – Karen Fassuliotis Continue Reading →

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