Wernicke: Democrats Are the Party of Fiscal Responsibility, Inclusiveness and Long-Term Vision

Submitted by Sherry Wernicke, Riverside

Leading up to the Nov. 7 election, so much has been said and written in our community about the financial status of our town. I am so happy that more people seem to be paying attention and getting involved because what has emerged is stark differences between the two parties in how to fiscally manage our resources. And before going to vote, we need to be ready with the facts.

Contrary to popular belief, the Republican mantra of cutting taxes, spending, and regulations does not promote growth. In fact, tax and spending cuts actually slow market growth and labor productivity. Whereas, government spending leads to higher GDP and jobs and higher taxes DO NOT slow the economy. All you have to do is look at actual data, yes FACTS, going back since WWII to see that one of the biggest myths ever perpetrated on the American people is that Republicans are better for the economy. Real life shows us that government investment in ordinary Americans is better for the economy than handing more money to the wealthy.

Here are some of the facts:

FACT: Private sector job growth has been 2 ½ times faster under Democrats.

FACT: GDP has grown 1.6 times faster under Democrats – 3rd Quarter 2023 was 4.9%!!!

FACT: The Stock Market has substantially risen under Democrats, 9.4% vs 6.6%.

FACT: Unemployment has been substantially lower under Democrats, currently at a 50 year low.

FACT: Out of 17 recessions over the last 100 years, 13 of them were under Republicans.

FACT: Republican presidents since Reagan have exploded the deficit, while Democrats have brought it down.

Now, if you look at how Greenwich has fared under Republican leadership, it, too, is a picture of fiscal irresponsibility. While Republicans love to say Democrats will raise your taxes, the facts show a different story. The only time Democrats won control of the BET in 2017, guess what – the mill rate increased LESS than the preceding 10 years under Republican leadership.

The Republican short-sighted “pay as you go” strategy has left a staggering backlog of building projects, including those for our schools, pedestrian safety, and fire response times. Through their delay, the Republican majority on the BET has added tens of millions of dollars to the constructions costs of these projects.

In addition, their failure to use long-term financing for capital projects, as is standard practice, will cost us millions more in interest as rates are higher than just a few years ago. These projects always had to be done, but by pushing them down the road, they not only will cost us millions more to complete, but have caused a lot of unnecessary fighting and division in our community that will be difficult to heal. It is time to stop jumping from crisis to crisis and instead time to implement a long-term strategic vision and capital plan.

We are fortunate to have an amazing list of Democratic candidates running for election this year – from First Selectman Laura Erickson to six stellar and well-qualified BET candidates to the slate of residents putting themselves out there to run for the RTM. They are upbeat, energetic, inclusive, offer strategic long-term vision, REALLY want to make our lives better, and are ready to get to work for ALL of us.

There are no words of division, no disinformation, no name calling, and no acts of revenge.

You can find election information here on these candidates.


You have a choice on November 7. Please choose wisely and elect Democratic candidates. Our fiscal health and community well-being literally depend on your vote.

Sherry Wernicke

NOTE: The deadline to submit LTEs for candidates in Greenwich’s Nov 7, 2023 municipal election was Oct 30, 2023 at 12:00 noon.