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QUIGLEY: A Spectacular Failure of Leadership

“…the RTC leadership has burned bridges. They have set a low bar for public discourse and have been neither humble nor open-minded. They have also leveraged their surrogates (The CT Centinal and Greenwich Patriots) to launch personal attacks, spread conspiracy theories and unhinged rhetoric throughout our community.” – Dan Quigley Continue Reading →

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GROUP LETTER: Planned Takeover of The RTM Is a Clear and Present Danger to Greenwich Government

“This effort is what former Trump advisor Steve Bannon labeled the ‘precinct strategy’ and it is happening in real time, in our community.” – A Coalition Of Registered Republican, Democratic and Undecided Voters. Stephanie Cowie, Jeremy Kostin, Arline Lomazzo, Jaysen Medhurst, Skip Parker, Dan Quigley, Steve Rubin, James Waters Continue Reading →

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NICK ABBOTT: Responding to Baseless Falsehoods and Smears About DesegregateCT

“Opponents of our work know they are wrong on the facts, so in recent weeks they have resorted to spreading ad hominem attacks and conspiracy theories about our motives and the alleged ‘corporate interests’ behind the group.” – Nick Abbott, Greenwich native and the Deputy Director of DesegregateCT Continue Reading →

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QUIGLEY: The Corporate Interests Behind Desegregate CT

“The idea that Desegregate CT is simply a coalition of underdogs working to establish more affordable housing options is very hard to reconcile considering the fact that its main financial and logistical sponsor, Regional Plan Association, is itself backed by many large corporate interests all of whom stand to profit from more development.” – Dan Quigley Continue Reading →

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Newcomers Complete Their Rout of RTC with March 1 Primary in District 1

In their daily e-blast Wednesday morning, Greenwich Patriots wrote, “It’s still a couple weeks away from the official day when the new members take the helm of the RTC, but we are eager to hear what’s in store — their strategy, mission and principles will hopefully reflect the intoxicating energy coming from the new members, and their traditional conservative principles and values.  We can’t wait to learn more!” Continue Reading →

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