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Kordick Attorney Statement on Settlement with Town of Greenwich: “The outcome was never in doubt”

“In Kordick’s case, we had a “smoking gun.” Through discovery, we obtained Fred Camillo’s texts which he unambiguously stated on the day after he learned Kordick’s identity: “He better pray that I do not win because I would be the police commissioner and he will be gone.” Actually, this case had several smoking guns, because we had a text where Camillo repeated this intention to “nail” Kordick even after he was elected First Selectman. Nevertheless, the Town chose to ignore this damning evidence, and chose to spend money and waste judicial resources defending the indefensible until after the trial commenced.” – Lewis Chimes Continue Reading →

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Kordick Submits “Offer of Compromise” to Settle Lawsuit against Greenwich for Alleged Retaliation for Exercise of Protected Political Speech

Former Greenwich Police Captain Mark Kordick claims there was retaliation against him for exercising his constitutionally protected right to engage in off-duty political speech. Continue Reading →

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Judge’s Memorandum of Decision: What a Reasonable Jury Might Find in Kordick v Greenwich

It’s been three years since the morning Greenwich residents woke up to discover the red and white Trump/Camillo lawn signs. A lawsuit has wended its way through court, but on Tuesday Judge Krumeich issued a memorandum of decision on a claim for summary judgement by defendants. Continue Reading →

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Fired Police Captain Sues Greenwich, Multiple Individuals including First Selectman

The complaint alleges the Town retaliated against Captain Kordick for exercising his constitutionally protect right to off-duty political speech and alleges Fred Camillo, Jack Kriskey, Rich DiPreta and Peter Tesei interfered with his employment with the Town by revealing his identity to his employer, Greenwich Police Dept, after working in concert to obtain Kordick’s receipt from a sign store in Texas through deceit. Continue Reading →

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