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Frank Talk on Overdose Awareness: Gov Malloy Joins Local Officials and a Recovering Addict

At a press conference Gov. Malloy described opioid addiction as a gigantic problem. A 24-year old who began experimenting with prescription drugs as a teen described a path to heroin addiction, homelessness, imprisonment and ultimately recovery.
Dr. Alan Barry of Greenwich Social Services warned that medicine cabinets full of opioid prescriptions are “a candy store for children.” Continue Reading →

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Camillo: CT Tourism Yields Significant Return on Investment

“In an effort to control a ballooning state budget deficit, Governor Malloy cut another 1% from the state’s $6.5 million tourism marketing budget, and another $1.1 million earmarked for Connecticut’s tourism districts. Additionally, another $128,000 set to be used for tourism promotion was slashed.” State Rep Fred Camillo Continue Reading →

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Blankley on Governor’s Race: Malloy vs Foley. Let’s talk economics.

“Republicans talk about our economy as uncompetitive because we supposedly have high taxes and regulation but this is to ignore facts: lower taxes than all the North East states, 60,000 private sector jobs created since the recession, unemployment down to 6.6% and a growing state population.” – John Blankley Continue Reading →

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