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FBI Outreach Specialist Urges Parents, Pharmacists, Coaches and Youth to Attend ‘Chasing the Dragon’ Event

FBI Community Outreach Specialist Charles Grady told Greenwich Free Press that during Q&A, parents often ask what to look for in terms of signs of drug-seeking behavior from their children. He said there are subtle changes that sometimes parents don’t even recognize. Continue Reading →

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Statewide Initiative Targeting Distributors of Heroin & Opioids that Cause OD Deaths

The protocol calls for local law enforcement to perform time-sensitive investigative techniques and preserve all evidence at the scene of an overdose death. Police also are asked to contact DEA at the early stages of an investigation, and ensure that an autopsy of the decedent is performed. The DEA and local police will then jointly investigate to determine the events leading up to the death, the source of the drug involved, and the composition of the drug. Individuals responsible for distributing drugs causing overdose deaths will be prosecuted. Continue Reading →

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“Barbie” Sentenced to Federal Prison for Heroin Trafficking

Deirdre M. Daly, United States Attorney for the District of Connecticut - Greenwich Free Press

While “Barbie’s” boyfriend “Jay” Bonilla was incarcerated, he made arrangements from prison to have her take over his heroin distribution activities. According to the US Attorney for the Dist. of Connecticut, Heather Ranghelli used Bonilla’s cell phone cell phone to sell heroin to his customers, regularly obtained 10 to 30 grams of heroin Continue Reading →

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Teens & Drugs: Q&A with Police, GEMS, GHS Health Teacher and Mom Whose Son Died of Heroin OD

Kathy Steiner, GHS Health Teacher; Art Romano, Deputy Dir. of GEMS; Lt. Kraig Gray of Greenwich Police and Ginger Katz of Courage to Speak Foundation whose son died of a heroin overdose on teens and alcohol, marijuana, prescription drugs and heroin in an article targeting parents. Continue Reading →

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