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Riverside Forum: DOT to Repave in April with New “Quiet Pavement,” Vows Collaborative Process for I-95 PEL Study

A packed Riverside Association forum at St. Paul’s Church on Thursday featured representatives from the Connecticut Dept of Transportation. Residents peppered the panel with questions and shared concerns about living along I-95 in Greenwich. The context was the scheduled April repaving of I-95 in Greenwich using new quiet pavement technology. Panelists said they were well aware of how Greenwich values noise reduction on I-95. Continue Reading →

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Greenwich Awarded $4 Million to Improve Traffic and Air

“These strategic investments will not only help eliminate traffic bottlenecks in certain communities and build out electric vehicle chargers in others, but they will also help move Connecticut towards cleaner air and a cleaner transportation system.” – Ned Lamont Continue Reading →

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Greenwich Tree Conservancy Urges DOT to Work with Town on Tree Removal and Re-Planting Plan

“Greenwich is the Gateway to Connecticut. CTDOT has a responsibility to do no further harm, to mitigate the damage that has been done, and to work with the Town of Greenwich and other community stakeholders.” – JoAnn Messina and Francia Alvarez Continue Reading →

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LETTER: Noise Levels Generated by I-95 Traffic Make Our Windows Rattle

“This is to advise you that the decibel noise levels both during the day and at night far exceed the EPA’s Noise Control Act of 1972 and the Quiet Communities Act of 1978, both of which remain in full effect.” – Louis Van Leeuwen, Riverside Continue Reading →

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OPEN LETTER to DOT Project Manager: Noise pollution leads to hearing loss, heart disease, high blood pressure, low birth rates, elevated levels of stress, interrupted sleep, and more.

“Over the past three years, DOT maintenance choices have degraded the quality of life in Riverside. Our residential neighborhood is noisier, the air is less clean, and the loss of trees, with no plan to replant has contributed to the predicted next public health crisis, NOISE POLLUTION!” – Tammi Montier, Riverside Continue Reading →

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Open Letter to DOT I-95 Project Manager: “dismayed that the scope of work “

“Taking a forward-looking approach to the project would have the added benefit of allowing the State to evaluate proven, cutting-edge technologies such as Quiet Pavement Design. Now that current projects are being scrutinized through an environmental lens, this low-cost redesign for the Mianus River Bridge would be a terrific model showcase for Connecticut and the nation.” – Susan Foster, Riverside Continue Reading →

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