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Stormwater runoff, waterfowl, and septic systems all pose a threat to water quality at Byram Beach

Statistically, out of 551 samples taken from between January 2004 and August 2018 at the Byram beach, 13% of those tested failed the EPA Safe Swimming Rate. That’s a C+ rating, according to the non-profit watchdog organization Save the Sound and their online program Sound Health Explorer Continue Reading →

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Summer’s Coming: Parks & Rec Marine, Boat, Ferry and Beach Update

At the April Parks & Rec board meeting, Jeff Freitag, Superintendent of Marine Facilities & Operations, gave a marine, boat and beaches updates. The town has hired its beach crew and ticket sellers, but they still seek to hire more lifeguards. Last summer there were 465,500 visitors to Greenwich Point, 53,000 visitors to Byram and 31,000 took the ferry to Island Beach, and 3,300 to took the ferry to Great Captain’s Island. Continue Reading →

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Selectmen Address Byram Pool Project & Environmental What If’s

At Thursday’s Board of Selectmen meeting , the design of the pool project was praised as was the generosity of the Jr. League, but compliments notwithstanding, Tesei and Marzullo went back and forth with resident Peter Quigley who expressed concerns that state protocols aren’t adequate and suggested the Town plan an alternate pool site just in case. Continue Reading →

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