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Marzullo Proposes Formation of Committee to Advise Selectmen on Contamination in Greenwich

“This reactive approach to soil contamination remediation is simply not working. It cost the tax payer thousands of additional dollars and it closes down fields, etc In some ways it’s becoming the norm that we test and then we go into remediation defcon 5. There has to be a better way. A proactive way.” – Selectman Drew Marzullo Continue Reading →

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Selectmen Address Byram Pool Project & Environmental What If’s

At Thursday’s Board of Selectmen meeting , the design of the pool project was praised as was the generosity of the Jr. League, but compliments notwithstanding, Tesei and Marzullo went back and forth with resident Peter Quigley who expressed concerns that state protocols aren’t adequate and suggested the Town plan an alternate pool site just in case. Continue Reading →

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