Greenwich Youth Conservation Program Grateful to Greenwich Teen Volunteers

To the Editor:

The 2017 Greenwich Youth Conservation Program is extremely grateful to our fantastic group of 112 Greenwich teens, our generous sponsors, and members of the Town Departments of Human Services and Parks and Recreation for a highly successful summer program.

For 39 years, Greenwich’s town parks and beaches have benefited tremendously from the hard work of 14- and 15-year-olds who choose to spend part of their summer with the GYCP removing invasives, planting trees, shrubs and flowers and clearing walking paths in the woods.

The teamwork and skills they learn will serve them for a lifetime.

Planting Rose Bushes in Pemberwick Park. Contributed photo

This year’s groups worked at Byram Beach, Bruce Park, Tod’s Point, the Glenville Green, Montgomery Pinetum, Sachem Preserve, Christiano Field, Skylark Park, Babcock Trails, Parkway School, International School at Dundee and the revitalized Bible Street Park, where 20 trees, including oaks, gingkoes, lilacs and plum trees were planted.

Remarkably, 110 of the 112 teens said they had a positive experience.

A favorite program feature was a talk on building a resume and marketable job skills presented by Family Centers.

As one participant summed up, “What I like best about the Conservation Program is that we got to experience what a real-life job is like and make lots of new friends.”

The program would not have existed without the generosity of major sponsors.

Gratefully yours,

The Board of the Greenwich Youth Conservation Program

Removing Invsive plants at Tod\’s Point