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Lobster Aficionados are Digging the Concession at Byram Pool

Allmashy said the favorite items include chicken tender combos and funnel cakes, which is part of the concession’s carnival theme. There are over 30 different ice cream varieties children like, including Mickey Mouse, Oreo Cones, WWE Superstars, Spider Man and Sponge Bob. Continue Reading →

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Byram Park Pool Concession is Fully Open; Burgers, Dogs, Fries Abound

The brand new concession stand at the pool at Byram Park is now fully open. The concession is run by Kevin Allmashy of Executive Corner Deli in Byram. For several weeks Allmashy was operating with a Temporary Certificate of Occupancy on a folding table in front of the actual concession stand. The stand didn’t have it’s Certificate of Occupancy because there were missing parts for the stove hood. Allmashy made due. Continue Reading →

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