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Fazio for State Senate Co-Chairs: Why we support Ryan Fazio for 36th State Senate District

“For the last 12 years, Democrats have held complete control of our state government. In that time, they raised our taxes to the second-highest of any state in the country. And because of that, our state economy has performed worst of any in the country before this crisis even began.” – Jackie Budkins and Ross Moore, Co-Chairs, Ryan Fazio for State Senate Continue Reading →

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Ryan Fazio Announces Candidacy for State Senate 36th District

“Middle class families in our district and state have seen zero real income growth over decades. Regular people are hurting. And they are hurting because of the failures of our policies and of our state government…Connecticut has the second-highest tax and debt burden in the country and newly elected officials made the problem worse last year by raising taxes by billions and imposing even more red tape on workers.” – Ryan Fazio Continue Reading →

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