LETTER: Consider Reopening Beaches for Seniors Only

Letter to the Editor,

Please open the beaches – on a limited basis – for seniors who are in desperate need of fresh air and exercise. Masks required. No groups or gatherings. No bikes. Just a calm space for seniors to have a peaceful healthy walk.

Greenwich Point could be open to Seniors who hold a Senior beach Card for walking only.

Limited daily hours, perhaps 11:am to 2:00pm? No guests, no younger family members.

For personal safety, road should be closed to cars (as is done on Sundays in winter) to leave space for walkers to give each other a wide berth.

• Drivers around town are behaving badly and speeding through our neighborhoods,
making it dangerous to walk across streets.

• Non-senior residents are at home working, and our children are in their homes participating in on-line school activities during suggested hours.

• Supermarkets have set aside specific hours for seniors to get groceries. Please follow
this precedent.

Please help keep seniors safe and healthy by providing a safe environment for fresh air and exercise.

Joanne Clark