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PERLOE: Why I’m Running for RTM as a District 8 Write-In Candidate

“when a candidate is likely guaranteed a seat on the RTM who espouses violence (“if you try to take my guns it will be an attack on my freedom. Attacking my freedom will end poorly for you.”) and blatant xenophobia (“This is America!! If you love Mexico so much, move.”), who denies climate change (“Fake News: Weather Crisis.”) and supports a Congressional candidate so offensive she’s banned by major social media platforms (Laura Loomis, FL-21), I feel voters in District 8 (Cos Cob) deserve an alternative choice.” – Jonathan Perloe Continue Reading →

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Tesei Issues Statement on Use of Town Hall by Carl Higbie’s Organization for Public Forum

“The forum organizer’s past rhetoric and bigotry do not reflect the Greenwich community and the civility that our residents show one another. While we do not agree with the organizer’s opinions, it is our hope that we will demonstrate that Greenwich is a place where the right of free speech can be exercised with civil discourse in a safe environment.” – Peter Tesei Continue Reading →

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Higbie: Sandy Litvack, I’d Like to Buy You a Coffee

“He (Sandy Litvack) cited me calling Democratic representatives ‘assholes’ who afford more protections and concern to illegal immigrants than they do for my fellow wounded, homeless veterans and the families of my fallen brothers. They are ‘assholes’ (sorry I was too busy killing bad guys after 9-11 to care about whether that word would offend someone)…and ya know what, I would wager the Greenwich public is on my side there.” – Carl Higbie Continue Reading →

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Litvack: Carl Higbie is a Provocateur – Neither Seeking Nor Promoting Civil Discourse

“The venom he (Carl Higbie) spews is abhorrent…I feel strongly that he has the right to espouse his views however obnoxious I and others may find them. BUT he does not have the right to do so at our Town Hall, paid for by the taxpayers, and he should not have the backing of our officials, who by their presence, give legitimacy to him and his ilk.” – Greenwich Democratic Selectman Sandy Litvack Continue Reading →

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Kostin: Tesei’s Outrage is Selective

“Disgraced former Navy Seal Carl Higbie is being allowed to use Greenwich Town Hall for a televised debate taking place later this week (seemingly in violation of Town rules). ….Mr. Tesei has been a supporter of the Think Greenwich initiative, which seeks to market our Town as an ideal place to live, work, eat, shop, etc. This is event is hardly what people should think of when they ‘Think Greenwich.'” – Laura Kostin Continue Reading →

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LETTER: Coming Soon, Greenwich’s Right Wing Reality TV Show

letter to the editor - Greenwich Free Press

“If Republican-elected officials like Fred Camillo and Peter Tesei were serious about having a bipartisan discussion, we would think they could do better than Carl Higbie.” – Augusta Perrin, Joanna Swomley, Phyllis Alexander, Jean Bergstresser, Richard Bergstresser and Lynne Rohrer, Mary Ellen Markowitz, Lucy von Brachel, Andrew Winston, Harald Hille, and Sally Turner Continue Reading →

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LETTER: Higbie Is a Not a Good Candidate to Promote Civil Discourse

letter to the editor - Greenwich Free Press

“Contrary to Mr. Tesei’s assertion, this is not an issue about free speech. Carl Higbie can rant all he wants (as he does daily on his Twitter feed). The issue is that Mr. Tesei is condoning Higbie’s offensive remarks by giving him the imprimatur of the highest elected office in Greenwich, his.” –  Jonathan Perloe Continue Reading →

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