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PHOTOS: Congrats to the GHS Class of 2022: You’ve Got Grit!

“As we come out the other side of this mess, I think you are going to realize that you have developed something commonly known as grit. Grit, according to the Oxford Dictionary is courage, resolve strength and character.” – Bill Owens Continue Reading →

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English Language Arts Program Coordinator K-8 Appointed at Greenwich Schools

Paladino brings a wealth of experience as an educator, most recently as a literacy specialist at GPS’ New Lebanon School since August 2021, where she planned, delivered, and monitored progress of Tier 2 and Tier 3 remedial reading interventions and collaborated with administration, classroom teachers, and specialists on all literacy-related topics. Continue Reading →

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GHS Student Government Leaders Share Poignant Farewell at Final 2022 BOE Meeting

“For the past year, I have watched parents bicker back and forth, to the point where this room is physically split into two sections based based upon what agenda one supports….When discourse becomes more divisive than productive, or unified, then there is a problem.” – Kwame Boateng, GHS student body president Continue Reading →

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High School Students Honored at YWCA Greenwich’s 15th Stand Against Racism

“One reason racism remains powerful is it is embedded in our culture and social institutions and upheld each and every time we fail to see it fail, fail to acknowledge it, fail to disrupt it or fail to be anti-racist. My hope today is the the Stand Against Racism is more than a moment in time, more than a photo.” – Erin Crosby, Director of Women’s Empowerment & Racial Justice, YWCA Greenwich Continue Reading →

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BOE Republicans Reluctantly Vote Yes on State-Mandated Black/Latino Course at GHS

Greenwich High School

“It doesn’t make sense for politicians in Hartford to mandate day-by-day curriculum plans. I know Ann (Carabillo), you’re going to say it was all designed by experts, but it’s still a political process.” – BOE member Cody Kittle Continue Reading →

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Schools Chief Shares Covid Mitigation Guidance after Masks Become Optional on March 1

Starting March 1, school staff will not be asked to regulate mask wearing during school hours.

“Families are encouraged to speak with their children and to make them aware of the choices you have made for your family.” – Dr. Toni Jones Continue Reading →

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