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Greenwich Schools Boland Report: Lasting Disrepute, but No Evidence of Discrimination

In his report Dr. Jonathan Budd, GPS chief Human Resources Officer said the damage from Mr. Boland’s words, albeit inaccurate, caused the district, its employees, the Town and its residents came in the form of lasting disruption and disrepute. Continue Reading →

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Is Election Silly Season Creating a Stalemate on Superintendent Contract Renewal?

The BOE voted 4-4 down party lines on a one-year contract extension, Republicans voting yes for one year and Democrats voting no, preferring a 2-year extension. The motion failed to pass. On a motion to extend the contract for two years, there was another tie vote down party lines. That motion also failed to pass. BOE chair Joe Kelly announced he would not be seeking another term in the November election and that was more reason for the superintendent’s contract extension to be one year, not two. Continue Reading →

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Impacted by Covid, 663 Members of the Class of 2023 Cope through Humor, Embracing Chaos

“We are also the class that attended GHS in a multitude of forms: virtual, hybrid and in-person. Throughout the past four years we have also been enriched by the seemingly infinite ways the administration can make use of a 30-minute block in our schedule: advisor base, SEL, opportunity block and flex time, to name a few.” – Valedictorian Lauren Koester Continue Reading →

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Surprise! New Lebanon School’s Erin John is Greenwich Schools Selection for CT State Dept of Education 2024 Teacher of the Year Program

Greenwich Public Schools Superintendent Dr. Toni Jones and Deputy Superintendent Dr. E. Ann Carabillo surprised first graders and their families after a spring singing performance for parents on Thursday that New Lebanon School’s Erin John is the district’ selection for Connecticut State Department of Education’s 2024 Connecticut Teacher of the Year Program. Continue Reading →

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Greenwich Republicans Point Fingers at CMS PTA While PTA Calls Former State Rep’s Survey Misleading

Tensions are mounting as the deadline to submit request or state grant money for CMS looms and cost estimates may exceed $67.5 million approved by BET. To qualify for the grant the funding must be “adequate.”
At Thursday’s BOE meeting, CMS PTA co-president Jen Behette said parents had been confused by a survey from former State Rep Harry Arora whose wife is on the building committee. Continue Reading →

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