HIGBIE: Democrats in Glass Houses

Submitted by Carl Higbie, Greenwich

The Democrats, specifically Svetlana Wasserman (WASSERMAN: Please be kind to our local MAGAs Oct 7, 2022) has taken time in this busy election cycle, at what appears to be an attempt at humor… I think, under the banner of a “a plea for civility… be kind to our local MAGA’s.”

MAGA, used as an insult by the left, a term Democrats are desperately trying to apply to all Republicans this election cycle in fact means: Make America Great Again, which lots of folks are hoping for right now.

At a time when people can’t fill their gas tanks, put food on their table and our second graders
are being shown erections in school, she chose to dedicate an entire OP-ED pointing out a
spelling error on the RTC Twitter account. It’s no secret by now the I am one of the many
people that help manage social media for the RTC and that spelling error was in fact something
I did.

But if the Democrats are that concerned about this, perhaps they should be more concerned
that their single issue, divorced, marriage counselor running for the 36th district, actually
tweeted an endorsement from the governor WITH THE WRONG DISTRICT ON IT! saying
“@GovNedLamont make me so happy”. Pro tip; If little ol’ me with the alleged 5th grade reading
level is catching your party’s errors… maybe time for some introspection (that’s an SAT word).

While on the governor, the piece went on to criticize many republicans sending their kids to
private school… yup, many even went to the same private school our governor sent his kids to…

Did I miss that part with my low reading comprehension skills? The truth is, I am a dyslexic college dropout who has only written 4 books.

And as Ms. Wasserman also notes:

“They may wrap themselves in the flag and call themselves patriots, please don’t roll your eyes.”

I dropped out of college after 9-11 to become a Navy SEAL and sent many friends home wrapped in that flag. So no, please DON’T roll your eyes at the love I have for it.

We conservative peasants were able to culminate enough brain power between all us to sound out the words in the remainder of her piece that came floating down from the ivory tower to lecture us on diversity.

“Our local MAGAs are a diverse group represented by a wide variety of white wealthy mostly blonde people, so they are uniquely positioned to understand the struggles of people of color, immigrants, and LGBTQ+ individuals.”

An idea that applies only in talking points, considering the Democrats ALL WHITE local slate in this upcoming election. Us Republicans (always insinuated as the racist by Democrats) are the ones supporting a local candidate slate comprised 50% by minorities. There is an old saying; people in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones.