GROUP LETTER: “We the People” of Greenwich said we wanted Republicans to be Republicans

Submitted by Carl Higbie and newly elected Greenwich RTC members from district 8, Joe Solari, Andrew Oliver, Caroline Oliver, Adele Caroll, Keira Lynch, Gail Lauridsen

Like DeSantis and Youngkin, the newly elected Greenwich Town Committee (RTC) specifically us in district 8 seek to advance and defend the classical Republican platform of limited government and individual liberty, freedom, protecting the rights of parents, our children, businesses.

We will work to protect our Town from harmful policies issued by Hartford and the failing Biden administration that violate these key pillars of our founding principles. COVID policies and medical freedom, curriculum and zoning drove record turnout from our concerned neighbors across town and to the caucuses and we hear your concerns.

If you are for limited government and maximum freedom, this new slate of Republicans is your party. We believe that you should be empowered to make decisions for you and your family rather than the government, that you are better suited to run your life rather than bureaucrats.

We are here to drive our issues home. We are not playing social games, we don’t have cheap talking points and we don’t care how offended the left is by whatever their daily flavor is. Our core issues will reflect that of the majority of people who embrace these ideas. We vow to nominate, support and endorse candidates who are committed to conservative principals.

In particular: Limited Government: We want government restored to its original intended role, limiting it to the basic scope of intended duties. Government has grown faster than the private sector. In a time when your money is worth less, the Greenwich town budget is set to increase by 3%. It is time we rescale government to reflect and serve the people. Over the last two years you were forced to tighten your family’s belt and we should expect the government to do the same. How many of you feel that the government actually works for you? Or do you feel you are a subject of it? The new Greenwich Republican Party will support candidates that will work to reduce the size of government and ensure that our “public servants” serve the public, not the system.

Education: We believe that you the parent, know what’s best for your child far better than any bureaucrat does, FULL STOP. The education of our children should be at the behest of our parents and not in defiance of them. We entrust our kids to the educational system to make them better, not indoctrinate them. Our teachers, many of whom are very good, are the highest paid educators in the state, our school budget is the largest and our superintendent is paid over $400,000 of your tax dollars every year, but we only perform in the 80th percentile of Connecticut schools. We should be unleashing and attracting the leadership and talent that makes our children second to none. We want our kids being recruited to field the starting lineups of every major industry globally and we are not going to get there with participation trophies. There is not a single rational person who should have a problem with this concept regardless of party.

Involvement in the party: You put us here, we represent you. Key word “represent” that means your views should be reflected in our votes and actions. You should not be lectured by us when you are unhappy, it should be a discussion, we are YOUR employees and we are here to serve YOU!

To any possible detractors: We are not enemies. Presumably we share a common goal, the betterment of our town. Americans are fleeing blue states like Connecticut and California for conservative red states like Florida and Texas. Our mission is to make Connecticut an attractive place to live, to start a business and raise to your children. A la Ronald Reagan; is our country better off than it was 2, 3 or 4 years ago? Of course not, but change starts at the local level.

Greenwich is one of the wealthiest towns in America with one of the largest delegations in the state. We are now going to take a seat at the head of the table for Connecticut politics. We welcome everyone with open arms but will never waiver on our principles.

It’s time to start winning.

In liberty,
Carl Higbie & newly endorsed District 8 Republican representatives Joe Solari, Andrew Oliver, Caroline Oliver, Adele Caroll, Keira Lynch and Gail Lauridsen