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Greenwich Teachers to Return to Buildings Monday; CIAC to Evaluate Sports One Week at a Time

After the first two days of professional development were switched to remote, teachers will return to their buildings Monday. Meanwhile CIAC announced that fall interscholastic sports will proceed, despite recommendations from the State Dept of Public Health. Continue Reading →

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QUIGLEY: The Politics of the School Budget Debate and its Aftermath

Submitted by Dan Quigley, RTC chair

For the better part of the spring in Greenwich as the COVID virus swept into town like a dense fog, our community was engaged in a spirited though sometimes ugly debate about the Board of Education budget. Those who agreed with the BET Republicans request that all Town departments, including the BOE maintain a flat budget for the upcoming fiscal year were cast as being “against schools” or “betraying children”. Those who disagreed positioned themselves on the moral high-ground and made a furious case that the BOE alone among all departments should be given a budget increase. This simplistic and extremely disingenuous portrayal of the debate did a great disservice to what should have been an honest and perhaps, illuminating public discussion about budgeting through a crisis. It has also caused significant distress to many in our community. Continue Reading →

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