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Greenwich Schools Superintendent, BOE Chair Letter on GHS Class of 2020 Graduation

“Whatever their plans are for the future, we want them to take these lessons forward with them in life. As it says in the Vision of the Graduate: ‘Respond to failures and successes with reflection and resilience.'” – Dr. Toni Jones and Peter Berntein Continue Reading →

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SWOMLEY: Feelings about Greenwich Schools budget cuts are heartfelt and legitimate.

“Many of our elected representatives on the BET and RTM are opposed to government regulation (environmental and otherwise) on what they consider a matter of principle. They simply don’t like the idea of government spending and Covid-19 is just the latest excuse.” – Joanna Swomley Continue Reading →

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Son of Greenwich School Bus Driver Who Lost His Life to COVID-19: It was not his time.

“Everyone has to understand – and I hope we get through this – but people are walking around without masks and gloves.I’m saying my father just died. It’s so serious. There is no medication. Stay indoors. I understand it’s hard for the young people. My father was not supposed to go that day, but they couldn’t help him. It spooks me out so bad.” – Leem Bowman Continue Reading →

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UPDATED: STA Bus Depot Closed, Drivers Furloughed, Greenwich Schools Find Alternate to Deliver Lunches

Update Wednesday, April 8: Greenwich Schools Superintendent Dr. Jones described a statement made by STA’s public relations representative Lynette Viviani as inaccurate. Viviani said in an email to GFP on Tuesday that Greenwich Schools informed STA they did not need their services until school resumes.

Jones said Greenwich Schools did not make this statement to STA, and that the district was utilizing STA’s services to deliver lunches, and was surprised when STA halted service on Friday. Jones said that should STA resume service tomorrow, the district would be happy to pay for those services again. Continue Reading →

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