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Greenwich Public Health Guidance Changes For Many Reasons: And now Omicron

Now we have learned of a new emerged COVID mutation out of South Africa, Omicron, that may or may not have yet reached America. It could again alter guidance recommendations and has already changed travel guidance. We have no known cases of Omicron in America now, but increasing numbers of nations emerged on Sunday on the list of countries with newly found cases of this variant. Continue Reading →

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MESKERS: Lamont’s request to continue emergency declaration is a sensible course of action

“The emergency declaration is not unilateral authority. There is no threat to democracy. The legislature continues to play a pivotal role in working with the Governor and state agencies to analyze public health data and craft policies that will allow our schools to stay open and our economy to keep growing.” – State Rep Steve Meskers Continue Reading →

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First Selectman Update: I-95 Noise Mitigation, Pushback on Masking Requirement

“I don’t mind people sending me a study they found on the internet that says masks are terrible, but if you’re going to send something and use profane language and act in a cowardly fashion because you’re not in front of the person, that’s not going to get a response.” – Fred Camillo Continue Reading →

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