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BOE Republicans Reluctantly Vote Yes on State-Mandated Black/Latino Course at GHS

Greenwich High School

“It doesn’t make sense for politicians in Hartford to mandate day-by-day curriculum plans. I know Ann (Carabillo), you’re going to say it was all designed by experts, but it’s still a political process.” – BOE member Cody Kittle Continue Reading →

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Markowitz, McSharry: Scare Tactics, Here we go again

“One year ago, the brutal murder of George Floyd spurred a national reckoning. Hundreds of Greenwich residents gathered on the grounds of Town Hall in solidarity with victims of racism to say, “enough is enough.” Even the most conservative among us were willing to admit this violence is not right. However, there are still those who are railing against teaching history by labeling what they don’t want to admit happened as “Critical Race Theory.” – Mary Ellen Markowitz Continue Reading →

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High School Students in Greenwich Celebrate Diversity and Advocate Locally for Change during Pandemic

COVID-19 has confined most students to their homes, but in the age of movements like Black Lives Matter, high schoolers around Greenwich refuse to allow the virus to silence them. A steadfast call to action and the use of digital platforms like Zoom have allowed them to call for racial justice, diversity, and change. Continue Reading →

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YWCA Panel Talks Race: School culture, Curriculum, and Dropping the Term Headmaster at GHS

A panel discussion Wednesday on systemic racism in schools was organized by YWCA Greenwich, whose core mission includes eliminating racism. The conversation was inspired by the proliferation of “BlackAt” accounts on social media. Continue Reading →

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