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AG Tong Joins Amicus Brief Fighting for TX Patients at Risk by Anti-Abortion Laws

Attorney General William Tong this week joined a coalition of 21 attorneys general in an amicus brief fighting for access to emergency care for Texas patients. The multistate coalition filed an amicus brief in the Texas Supreme Court backing the plaintiffs in Zurawski v Texas. A release from AG Tong’s office said the plaintiffs in the lawsuit include 15 Texas women whose health, fertility, and lives were put at risk by Texas’s draconian anti-abortion laws. In the amicus brief, the multistate coalition supported the women’s argument that Texas’s laws endanger the lives and health of pregnant people in the state. The coalition further argued that Texas’s laws would also have serious repercussions for the health systems of other states. Continue Reading →

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Governor Lamont Signs Series of New Laws Protecting Reproductive Rights in Connecticut

“Now more than ever, it is important for state elected officials across our country to stand by the residents we represent and enact laws that protect their rights to make their own reproductive decisions.” – Governor Ned Lamont Continue Reading →

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Attorney General Tong: Medication abortion remains legal and accessible in Connecticut

On Wednesday, in an appeal of a separate Texas lawsuit, a panel of judges in the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals issued an order imposing restrictions on access to mifepristone. Thursday’s order from Judge Thomas Rice clarifies that those restrictions do not apply to the 18 states that filed a lawsuit in the Eastern District of Washington, protecting mifepristone in those states – including Connecticut. Continue Reading →

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LETTER: Kimberly Fiorello Does Not Support Reproductive Choice

“Kimberly Fiorello told us loud and clear last year when she voted to allow pregnancy crisis centers to deceive patients and pretend that they offer abortion services. SHE DOES NOT SUPPORT REPRODUCTIVE CHOICE. She told us when she voted NO on the Reproductive Freedom Defense Act, passed this year – a measure to increase abortion access by increasing providers and enact protections for providers against out-of-state legal actions. SHE DOES NOT SUPPORT REPRODUCTIVE CHOICE.” –  Continue Reading →

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