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Melillo: Connecticut Democrats Run to Trump – Ignoring the Issues Facing Connecticut:

“And as Connecticut continues to see state liabilities continue to go unfunded, budget deficits widening each cycle and new tax plans being schemed up in Hartford, the Connecticut Democrats tell you Trump will make this a concealed carry state again, and flood Connecticut with weapons.” – Andrew Melillo, Greenwich Continue Reading →

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Interview with Nerlyn Pierson, Co-Founder of Indivisible Greenwich

Indivisible Greenwich is publishing a series of nine flyers in the weeks leading up to the Nov 6 election. One flyer is about voting rights on election day. Other flyers are about net neutrality, smart tolls in I95, abortion, how to vote or get an absentee ballot. The flyers will be distributed by email to subscribers and people are being encouraged to share them on social media and email. They’ll also be distributed at train stations. Continue Reading →

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Letter: Humbled By The Hubble; Troubled By The Trump

“The Hubble should humble any man with even a drop of humility. With merely seconds of life to live in this vast and mysterious reality, small men like Donald Trump cling to their fragile egos and simple solutions with not a shred of awareness of the immensities of space and genius that might place them, if they only knew, in a position to actually reach out and help their fellow travelers on this planet.” – Maxwell Wiesen Continue Reading →

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Litvack: Plea to keep families together should be non-political

“While it is true that I am a Democrat, it is also true that if anything can be non-political and simply moral, it ought to be the plea to keep families together, to not separate parents from their kids and to afford everyone within our borders due process of law.” – Sandy Litvack, Greenwich Selectman Continue Reading →

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Farricker: Supreme Court Likely to Repeal Roe; Vote for Pro-Choice Legislators

“Should Roe be overturned, that does not automatically make abortion illegal. Instead, each state will be permitted to make their own rules. It is highly likely that the people you vote for locally will right away be deciding for Connecticut if a woman has a right to choose in our state in the next term.” – Frank Farricker Continue Reading →

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Indivisible Response to Tesei Op-Ed Asking What is the “Trump Agenda”?

“Peter Tesei and Richard DiPreta asked, ‘What is the Trump agenda in Greenwich?’ These two leaders of the Greenwich Republican party purport not to know what Trumpism (a term now part of our vocabulary) is and how it impacts our Town. While this may be feigned ignorance, it is nonetheless useful to answer their question as Indivisible Greenwich attempts to do every day.” – Indivisible, Joanna Swomley, and about two dozen residents Continue Reading →

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John Durham Sworn in as US Attorney for District of Connecticut

Deirdre M. Daly, United States Attorney for the District of Connecticut - Greenwich Free Press

When Attorney General Jeff Sessions asked for resignations of Obama administration US Attorneys, Connecticut’s Deirdre Daly was out. Then she was reinstated for 6 months, which meant she would have a pension. President Donald Trump nominated Mr. Durham to serve as US Attorney for CT on November 1, 2017. The US Senate confirmed his nomination on February 16, 2018. Continue Reading →

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