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Goldrick: CT Senators Fasano and Witkos Catch up with Trump in Pinocchio Awards

“Republican leaders Fasano and Witkos want to maintain the fiction that the state doesn’t need toll revenues. …Fasano and Witkos should not be competing with Trump in deceptive claims. Nutmeggers deserve the truth.” – Sean Goldrick Continue Reading →

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Carl Higbie to Co-Host Panel Discussion at Greenwich Town Hall, Expects Fireworks

A year ago, Greenwich native and former Navy Seal Carl Higbie, was riding high. The married father of two who served two tours in Iraq during Operation Iraqi Freedom, was a regular on Fox and CNN. Then was given a job in the Trump administration. But it all came crashing down when remarks he made in 2013 as a radio host on Sound of Freedom surfaced. Overnight he became the target of global media outrage. A year later, he says he has learned from the painful experience and is planning a bi-partisan Town Meeting discussion with panelists on the left and right discussion guns, immigration, taxes and foreign policy. Continue Reading →

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Letter: Democratic Compromise on Border Wall Would Create Dangerous Precedent

“The US doesn’t negotiate with hostage takers because it would only encourage more acts of terrorism. The same should be true when dealing with a President who is putting the economic security of hundreds of thousands of Americans, and the nation at large, at risk to get what he can’t get otherwise.” – Jonathan Perloe, Cos Cob Continue Reading →

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Melillo: Connecticut Democrats Run to Trump – Ignoring the Issues Facing Connecticut:

“And as Connecticut continues to see state liabilities continue to go unfunded, budget deficits widening each cycle and new tax plans being schemed up in Hartford, the Connecticut Democrats tell you Trump will make this a concealed carry state again, and flood Connecticut with weapons.” – Andrew Melillo, Greenwich Continue Reading →

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Interview with Nerlyn Pierson, Co-Founder of Indivisible Greenwich

Indivisible Greenwich is publishing a series of nine flyers in the weeks leading up to the Nov 6 election. One flyer is about voting rights on election day. Other flyers are about net neutrality, smart tolls in I95, abortion, how to vote or get an absentee ballot. The flyers will be distributed by email to subscribers and people are being encouraged to share them on social media and email. They’ll also be distributed at train stations. Continue Reading →

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Letter: Humbled By The Hubble; Troubled By The Trump

“The Hubble should humble any man with even a drop of humility. With merely seconds of life to live in this vast and mysterious reality, small men like Donald Trump cling to their fragile egos and simple solutions with not a shred of awareness of the immensities of space and genius that might place them, if they only knew, in a position to actually reach out and help their fellow travelers on this planet.” – Maxwell Wiesen Continue Reading →

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