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QUIGLEY: A Spectacular Failure of Leadership

“…the RTC leadership has burned bridges. They have set a low bar for public discourse and have been neither humble nor open-minded. They have also leveraged their surrogates (The CT Centinal and Greenwich Patriots) to launch personal attacks, spread conspiracy theories and unhinged rhetoric throughout our community.” – Dan Quigley Continue Reading →

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GROUP LETTER: Planned Takeover of The RTM Is a Clear and Present Danger to Greenwich Government

“This effort is what former Trump advisor Steve Bannon labeled the ‘precinct strategy’ and it is happening in real time, in our community.” – A Coalition Of Registered Republican, Democratic and Undecided Voters. Stephanie Cowie, Jeremy Kostin, Arline Lomazzo, Jaysen Medhurst, Skip Parker, Dan Quigley, Steve Rubin, James Waters Continue Reading →

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New CT Law Requires Sports Camps Share Info about Grooming; Greenwich Patriots say it “caused a bit of a Stir”

Children have the right to be free from sexual abuse. A good first start is to inform adults what it is and how to spot and prevent it, including people who aren’t parents because adults can be vulnerable to grooming just as children are. Grooming can take place in any type of relationship, often where there is a power imbalance. Continue Reading →

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LETTER: What I learned as a Greenwich Patriot

“I was quite surprised by the letters in my inbox from the “Greenwich Patriots.” In the midst of the COVID pandemic which killed more than twice as many Americans as WWII, as our nation’s health agencies beseeched people to quarantine, wear masks, and get vaccinated to protect fellow Americans, the Greenwich Patriots grumbled about the inconvenience of “medical tyrants” asking us to follow these life-saving practices. The “Patriots” attack Greenwich Hospital, our Town government and our schools for offering or encouraging the vaccine.” – Svetlana Wasserman Continue Reading →

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LETTER: Representative Kimberly Fiorello’s Dangerous Alliance with Disgraced Doctors

“For the past year, as we collectively battled a pandemic which claimed the lives of over 1 million Americans, most of our elected local delegation advocated for safety measures and urged patience regarding masks. All that is, but one. Representative Kimberly Fiorello chose a different path. She chose to partner with the confrontational local group “Greenwich Patriots” to peddle COVID disinformation and conspiracy theories from discredited doctors.” – Mary Ellen Markowitz, Cos Cob Continue Reading →

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Markowitz, McSharry: Scare Tactics, Here we go again

“One year ago, the brutal murder of George Floyd spurred a national reckoning. Hundreds of Greenwich residents gathered on the grounds of Town Hall in solidarity with victims of racism to say, “enough is enough.” Even the most conservative among us were willing to admit this violence is not right. However, there are still those who are railing against teaching history by labeling what they don’t want to admit happened as “Critical Race Theory.” – Mary Ellen Markowitz Continue Reading →

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