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Kordick Attorney Statement on Settlement with Town of Greenwich: “The outcome was never in doubt”

“In Kordick’s case, we had a “smoking gun.” Through discovery, we obtained Fred Camillo’s texts which he unambiguously stated on the day after he learned Kordick’s identity: “He better pray that I do not win because I would be the police commissioner and he will be gone.” Actually, this case had several smoking guns, because we had a text where Camillo repeated this intention to “nail” Kordick even after he was elected First Selectman. Nevertheless, the Town chose to ignore this damning evidence, and chose to spend money and waste judicial resources defending the indefensible until after the trial commenced.” – Lewis Chimes Continue Reading →

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UPDATED: Meskers Calls Out Camillo’s Comments about “Groomers” Signs; A Push for More Aggressive Investigation

“…I would have hoped to see our First Selectman maintain a backbone for at least a week. Instead, he walks back his statement, muddies the water and gives comfort to bigots. It’s not a profile in courage. It’s a profile in cowardice and I am embarrassed for my town.” – State Rep Steve Meskers
“After what happened to me in 2019 when my identity was stolen and the person who did it cowardly hid in the shadows until he was caught, is enough to remind us that we should never accuse people without facts. If you remember, there were a few people in the DTC who claimed that I put the signs up, and we have not heard an apology, nor any type of explanation for those accusations back in 2019.” – Fred Camillo Continue Reading →

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Indivisible Greenwich Statement on Greenwich Schools Response To Nationwide Walkout

“This is what censorship looks like up close and personal. Indivisible Greenwich calls on its members and the public to speak out against what transpired and resist any further attempts to silence our children or impede the media.” – Indivisible Greenwich Continue Reading →

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