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P&Z Watch: American Lane Proposal Reduced to 198 Units from 456; Wording on Donation to Affordable Housing Trust Fund to be Checked

An applicant is not required to make a donation to the Affordable Housing Trust Fund for P&Z approval. Nor does the P&Z commission have to approve a development without an affordable component. After about two years, the applicant has reduced the proposal from about 246 units to 198 units and is proposing a “donation” to the trust fund. Continue Reading →

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AG Tong Joins Amicus Brief Fighting for TX Patients at Risk by Anti-Abortion Laws

Attorney General William Tong this week joined a coalition of 21 attorneys general in an amicus brief fighting for access to emergency care for Texas patients. The multistate coalition filed an amicus brief in the Texas Supreme Court backing the plaintiffs in Zurawski v Texas. A release from AG Tong’s office said the plaintiffs in the lawsuit include 15 Texas women whose health, fertility, and lives were put at risk by Texas’s draconian anti-abortion laws. In the amicus brief, the multistate coalition supported the women’s argument that Texas’s laws endanger the lives and health of pregnant people in the state. The coalition further argued that Texas’s laws would also have serious repercussions for the health systems of other states. Continue Reading →

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