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School Start Time Update: FAQ’s Answered about Change in “Bell Times” in Greenwich Schools

Greenwich Schools released a list of FAQ’s with responses to what you’ve wondering about.
Q. Can I continue to drop off my child(ren) early at school?
A. Yes. Greenwich High School will continue to open its doors at 6:00 am, which is the same time it currently opens for early drop off. The Middle Schools will open their doors at 7:15 am. Continue Reading →

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Greenwich Board of Ed Votes 5-3 in Favor of Implementing School Start Change for Fall 2017

A whopping 46 people, including many teenagers, signed up to speak for 3 minutes each at the Sept. 22 Board of Education meeting at North Mianus School. On the agenda was the issue of school start times. Continue Reading →

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Letter: School start time evidence is overwhelming. Take the next step.

“The overwhelming evidence from the AMA, AAP, CDC, APA, just to name a few, all support later start time in addition to most of our own pediatricians in town who signed supporting letters. Not one refused or communicated disagreement, yet Greenwich is still not taking this step. Why?” – Yuko Dunham Continue Reading →

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Greenwich Board of Ed Endorse Later School Start Time, Ask Bus Consultant for a Little More Study

At New Lebanon School Tuesday night the Board of Education met to host another public hearing on school start time changes and hold a vote. While they did vote to endorse a later start time at Greenwich High School, they did not vote for option 11, but rather asked the School Bus Consultants to go back to the drawing board with a wish list that includes having all schools start between 8:00 and 8:45am. Continue Reading →

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Superintendent’s School Start Time Recs: I Will Not Be Here. Someone Else Will Have to Do It… I Have Hope

On Thursday Dr. McKersie’s school start time recommendations were mulled over by the Board of Education in their session at North Street School. “On June 14, as a board you have to decide: Are we going to move forward or not? Are you committed to this? Are you willing to move ahead?” McKersie said. “I have hope,” he said adding that Greenwich Schools had succeeded with another bold, expensive move: digital learning. Continue Reading →

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Top GFP Stories: Crushed Storymobile, Ire over Iron Works, Marla Maples, Olivine Gabbro, School Start Time

GFP Lifestyle Editor Karen Sheer captured memories forever at the Global Lyme Alliance “Time for Lyme Gala” on Saturday and an elegant fashion show at Olivine Gabbro on Thursday. Meanwhile Leslie Yager continued to chronicle the application of a 533-unit apartment building at the Iron Works plant, where 30% of units would be “affordable” which exempts the applicant from many regulations. But, where would the children play? Would Glenville School be overwhelmed? Can the sewer lines accommodate the flow?
At the School Start Time forum, the school bus expert talked about transportation variables and various start time options. A GHS 9th grader reminded parents who were worried about impacts on school activities and sports that “school comes first.” Continue Reading →

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