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Greenwich Board of Ed Votes 5-3 in Favor of Implementing School Start Change for Fall 2017

A whopping 46 people, including many teenagers, signed up to speak for 3 minutes each at the Sept. 22 Board of Education meeting at North Mianus School. On the agenda was the issue of school start times. Continue Reading →

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Letter: School start time evidence is overwhelming. Take the next step.

“The overwhelming evidence from the AMA, AAP, CDC, APA, just to name a few, all support later start time in addition to most of our own pediatricians in town who signed supporting letters. Not one refused or communicated disagreement, yet Greenwich is still not taking this step. Why?” – Yuko Dunham Continue Reading →

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Letter on School Start Times to BOE, Superintendent: “The Issue is Not Going Away”

“Any district that wants to make this change can make it; it is a matter of will, not of athletic/club schedules. As wonderful as activities are, they are not main reason we send our children to school and I assume why they are termed: extra-curricular.” – Valerie Erde, Start School Later Continue Reading →

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