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Former Worcester, MA Public Works Commissioner: PAYT Is Not a Tax

“Worcester’s PAYT program has generated more than $100 million dollars in savings and revenues since it was implemented. It has been used as a model by other cities throughout the northeast including Portland, ME.” – Bob Moylan, Jr, PE, Worcester Commissioner of Public Works and Parks (Ret) Continue Reading →

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LETTER: Why Not Combine Tipping Fees and Pay As You Throw?

“A combined program of Tipping fees and PAYT will reduce the tax burden on Town residents, provide appropriate compensation to our haulers, and create a more sustainable and fiscally responsible solution to the growing problem of solid waste.” – Gina Gladstein, Old Greenwich Continue Reading →

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First Selectman’s Proposed 20-21 Budget: What’s Cut? What’s Funded?

Cuts include police directing traffic on Greenwich Avenue. New would be “Pay As You Throw” at the dump. Residents would not have to pay to to recycle, but would be required to purchase special bags for their trash at local retailers. Continue Reading →

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