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An Open Letter to the Members of the Board of Estimate and Taxation

“We are as concerned as everyone about the economic impact of the pandemic. However, current indicators suggest our Town’s finances have held steadfast. Property transactions — and conveyance tax revenues — have increased. Divide the $900,000 difference between the BET and BOE budgets by the 16,000 families living in Greenwich and one gets $56.25.” – group letter Continue Reading →

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LETTER: Anti-tax conservatives make an art of hypocrisy with “Tip Tax”

“Back in 2019, serving as a State Representative, Fred Camillo minced no words when he said, ‘Here’s a fact: tolls are taxes, and we have enough of those in Connecticut.’ Now that he’s responsible for a budget, he’s changed his tune.” – Jonathan Perloe Continue Reading →

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PERLOE: Why I’m Running for RTM as a District 8 Write-In Candidate

“when a candidate is likely guaranteed a seat on the RTM who espouses violence (“if you try to take my guns it will be an attack on my freedom. Attacking my freedom will end poorly for you.”) and blatant xenophobia (“This is America!! If you love Mexico so much, move.”), who denies climate change (“Fake News: Weather Crisis.”) and supports a Congressional candidate so offensive she’s banned by major social media platforms (Laura Loomis, FL-21), I feel voters in District 8 (Cos Cob) deserve an alternative choice.” – Jonathan Perloe Continue Reading →

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LETTER: Higbie Is a Not a Good Candidate to Promote Civil Discourse

letter to the editor - Greenwich Free Press

“Contrary to Mr. Tesei’s assertion, this is not an issue about free speech. Carl Higbie can rant all he wants (as he does daily on his Twitter feed). The issue is that Mr. Tesei is condoning Higbie’s offensive remarks by giving him the imprimatur of the highest elected office in Greenwich, his.” –  Jonathan Perloe Continue Reading →

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Letter: Democratic Compromise on Border Wall Would Create Dangerous Precedent

“The US doesn’t negotiate with hostage takers because it would only encourage more acts of terrorism. The same should be true when dealing with a President who is putting the economic security of hundreds of thousands of Americans, and the nation at large, at risk to get what he can’t get otherwise.” – Jonathan Perloe, Cos Cob Continue Reading →

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Letter: If Headmaster Believes Science on Start Time, He Should Not Recommend 8:15am Start

“If Mr. Winters doesn’t want to call the science into question, he shouldn’t recommend an 8:15am start time. What’s clear is that he is bowing to pressure from a minority of parents who are putting the interest of athletes ahead of the general student population.” – Jonathan Perloe Continue Reading →

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Letter: Get involved in grassroots movement for gun violence prevention

“There are two bills now before the CT General Assembly, to ban bump stocks and regulate ghost guns. The Las Vegas shooter used a bump stock to kill 58 and injure more than 500 concertgoers in just 11 minutes. Ghost guns are kits available online to make guns at home while evading state and federal gun laws.” – Jonathan Perloe Continue Reading →

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Greenwich’s Jonathan Perloe joins staff of CAGV as Director, Programs & Communications

In his new position, Perloe will be responsible for managing programs and events to educate Connecticut citizens about the public health crisis of gun violence and for leading grassroots outreach to cultivate and guide the advocacy efforts of CAGV supporters. Continue Reading →

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Team 26 Bikes Through Snow to Greenwich for Warm Reception

At Saturday’s rally for gun safety, focus on legislation in Hartford named after Lori Jackson, who was shot to death in Oxford by her husband against whom she had a temporary restraining order. The Lori Jackson Domestic Violence Survivor Protection Act would close the loophole that allows domestic abusers to keep their guns. Continue Reading →

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“Not One More” Gun Violence Prevention Group to Stage Card-Signing Table at Greenwich Sidewalk Sales

Gun violence prevention organizations will staff a table in front of Havemeyer Building on Greenwich Ave during Greenwich Sidewalk Sales from Friday, July 11 at 3:00 p.m. through Sunday, July 13. Interested members of the community are invited to sign “Not One More” cards. Continue Reading →

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