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KALB & MOSS: More Increases to Your Trash Bill, with Little to Show for It

“The bottom line – to get people to reduce the amount of trash they are throwing away we must appeal to their self-interest.  We need a metered service for trash, just as we have a metered service for electricity, water, and gas. People don’t waste these services because they are charged by the kilowatt hour, the liter, or the cubic meter.” – Scott Kalb and Cheryl Moss Continue Reading →

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AG Tong Sues Reynolds over Non-Recyclable Hefty “Recycling” Trash Bags

Attorney General William Tong on Tuesday sued Reynolds Consumer Products for violations of the Connecticut Unfair Trade Practices Act, claiming the company falsely and deceptively marketed Hefty “Recycling Bags” despite full knowledge that their bags were incompatible with recycling facilities in Connecticut.  Continue Reading →

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Commercial Hauler Tonnage Down Nearly a Third Since Tipping Fees; Triple Anticipated Residential Permits Sold

During comments preceding a vote on extending the sunset clause for tip fees and resident permit fees at the dump, it was reported that commercial hauler tonnage had dropped by a third since tipping fees were introduced. Continue Reading →

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Merry, Bright and Waste Free Holidays

Merry, Bright and Waste Free HolidaysSubmitted by Julie DesChamps, founder of Waste Free Greenwich [email protected]

‘Tis the season for joy, traditions, celebration… and waste! Every year, between Thanksgiving and New Year’s, Americans generate one million extra tons of trash than the rest of the year. Bah humbug! Follow these top 10 tips to reduce waste for holiday meals and decking the halls for a merry, bright and waste free holiday season. 1) Plan mindfully. Continue Reading →

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How to Have a Successful Experience at Holly Hill Transfer Station in the Time of COVID-19

With beaches, parks and school fields closed. And with movies, restaurants, schools and no-essential businesses closed, residents flocked to the Holly Hill Transfer Station on Tuesday. The dump is set up to provide social distancing, not to inconvenience residents. Respect social distancing and efforts of staff trying to move people through efficiently. Continue Reading →

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Board of Selectmen: PAYT Pulled, Sick Raccoons at Beach, Chimes Building Gift

Pay As you Throw was withdrawn from the agenda. Other agenda items included sick raccoons at Greenwich Point, and a generous gift of $200,000 to restore the chimes in the Chimes Building in honor of Emily Fedorko. Continue Reading →

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