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LETTER: Rep Fiorello, Enacting Civil Rights Laws is the Proper Role of Government

“…when you say you are ‘not sure’ that enacting civil rights laws ‘is the proper role of government,’ Rep. Fiorello, we would say that we are concerned that you do not have the basic understanding of our laws to be holding public office.” – Nerlyn Pierson, Michelle Abt Continue Reading →

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Greenwich Ballet Academy to Perform The Nutcracker in the GHS Performing Arts Center

Dancers from the renowned Greenwich Ballet Academy will take the stage to present The Nutcracker on Nov 16 and 17. The ballerinas have been taught by renowned professionals in small classes where the program is inspired by the prestigious and historic Vaganova Academy in St. Petersburg, Russia. Continue Reading →

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Republican Selectmen Demur on Investigation of Unauthorized Filming; Democrats Cry “Felony,” “Inside Job”

“Gentlemen, this appears as though it was an inside job. It had to be an inside job. We are sitting here today rapidly approaching 90 days since it was brought to anyone’s attention, giving those involved plenty of time to destroy records and cover up the tracks.” – Tony Turner, DTC Chair Continue Reading →

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Interview with Nerlyn Pierson, Co-Founder of Indivisible Greenwich

Indivisible Greenwich is publishing a series of nine flyers in the weeks leading up to the Nov 6 election. One flyer is about voting rights on election day. Other flyers are about net neutrality, smart tolls in I95, abortion, how to vote or get an absentee ballot. The flyers will be distributed by email to subscribers and people are being encouraged to share them on social media and email. They’ll also be distributed at train stations. Continue Reading →

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Himes, Blumenthal and Murphy Address Indivisible Greenwich on Resisting Trump Agenda

In addition to Democratic candidates, Joanna Swomley said Indivisible supports Republican Board of Education candidate Peter Bernstein, who, she said, “Stood against the attempted takeover of the Board of Education and paid a price.” Continue Reading →

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