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LETTER: Rep Fiorello, Enacting Civil Rights Laws is the Proper Role of Government

“…when you say you are ‘not sure’ that enacting civil rights laws ‘is the proper role of government,’ Rep. Fiorello, we would say that we are concerned that you do not have the basic understanding of our laws to be holding public office.” – Nerlyn Pierson, Michelle Abt Continue Reading →

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LETTER: Fiorello Signals the Radicalization of the Connecticut GOP

“While Fiorello lost in North Stamford, and the GOP margin was significantly reduced in Greenwich as compared to previous races, she did manage to eke out a win of 394 votes. And a win is a win, so here we are.” – Michelle Abt, for CT149 Truth Brigade, a group of concerned constituents from Greenwich and North Stamford Continue Reading →

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