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Michelle Xiong of Greenwich is Runner-up in CT Bar Foundation Statewide Essay Contest

Michelle Xiong entered the Connecticut Bar Foundation Statewide Essay Contest with an essay on the topic, “Taking a Knee or Taking a Stand,” which dealt with school discipline in a case involving a high school athlete’s refusal to stand for the national anthem and a fellow student’s reaction to his protest. Michelle is also a Greenwich Free Press writer. Continue Reading →

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GHS Girl’s Empowerment Club Event at Greenwich YMCA Means Girl in Peru Goes to High School

Greenwich High School students gathered at the YMCA of Greenwich to spin in support of girl’s education. Organized by the Greenwich High School Girl’s Empowerment Club, the proceeds went directly to support the club’s She’s the First scholar, Lisbeth H in Peru.

Joined by the YMCA’s own, Bob Deangelo and Heather Brown, the group enjoyed an hour of invigorating exercise with great music. The class was lead by enthusiastic spin instructor, Wendy Coleman. Continue Reading →

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GHS Girl’s Empowerment Club to Hold Spin Class Fundraiser at Greenwich YMCA

The Girl’s Empowerment Club at Greenwich High School is holding a spin class at the YMCA of Greenwich this Sunday, June 11 to raise money for their sponsored scholar in Peru, Lisbeth.
The club’s mission is to empower girls through education. Through its partnership with non profit “She’s the First,” GHS students support girls in developing countries be the first in their family to graduate from high school. Last year, the club raised enough funds to give a scholarship to Lisbeth, a girl attending secondary school in the Sacred Valley of Peru.
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Safe Rides at Risk without Funding From Greenwich; Uber is Not the Solution

In May, 2014, Greenwich High School seniors Courtney Oarr and Matt Pignataro, interns for Greenwich Free Press, wrote, “Picture this. You’re heavily intoxicated at a party with no way home. Or, your promised ride home is not in a position to give you a lift. Who do you call? Not Safe Rides. Safe Rides, once a popular program in the Town of Greenwich, is officially off the road.”

History repeats. Continue Reading →

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