Republicans Nominate Kimberly Fiorello to Run for State Rep, 149th District

For the first time in almost 20 years there will be a competitive election for State Representative in the 149th House District, which covers back country Greenwich and parts of north Stamford.

Livvy Floren has held the position for some 20 years. She announced in April she would not seek another term.

On Monday, Democrats nominated Greenwich BOE member Kathleen Stowe as their candidate, and on Tuesday night Republicans nominated Kimberly Fiorello, who is a member of the RTM.

According to the bio on her website, Fiorello was born in Seoul, South Korea, and grew up in Reston, Virginia.  Her father worked at the US Department of Defense and her mother owned a coffee shop.

Fiorello attended West Point for a year and transferred to Harvard College to study economics.

“Her first job was at Salomon Brothers; her most exciting job was as a reporter in Hong Kong for the Wall Street Journal; her hardest job was in the kitchen at Wallse restaurant in NYC; and her most rewarding job is being a wife and mom.” – Kimberly for 149 website 

Selectwoman Lauren Rabin nominated Fiorello, saying, “I have witnessed firsthand Kim’s steadfast approach to causes that activate democracy in our community. From running an absentee ballot care package initiative for students in college, to passing out copies of the Declaration of Independence at Greenwich’s annual 4th of July celebration.”

Rabin described Fiorello as a person of action, determination and collaboration, and who is attracted to doing hard things.

“Right now nothing could be harder than for our state to recover as quickly and efficiently as possible from the economic impact that this pandemic has placed on all of us and return our once flourishing state to economic growth and prosperity,” Rabin said. “Kim will work hard to stem the tide of Connecticut residents fleeing to other states.”

Rabin added, “Kim knows this will take an army, which is apropos given she attended West Point.”

Lucia Jansen seconded the nomination, saying Fiorello would be a worthy successor to “long serving, graceful and adept Livvy Floren.”

As a member of Greenwich’s RTM, Jansen described Fiorello as skillful in trying to find consensus among RTM peers.

Jansen also said Fiorello had rallied against tolls and been a cheerleader for Greenwich and Connecticut.

“She has an energy and drive that is remarkable,” Jansen said. “Once you get to know her, you will find that if you want something done fast and well, Kimberly is the one to call.”

“In the big picture, the politically connected class in Hartford – by tricks, subterfuge and cunning – are creating a debt the size of Mt. Everest, and our kids will be crushed trying to climb that mountain,” Fiorello said. “This situation is worsened by the COVID-19 crisis, eroding our income and sales tax receipts, and surging medical costs that will consume our state’s $2.5 billion rainy day fund.”

“These shortfalls, coupled with a massive $125 billion unfunded liability, makes the massive picture of Connecticut a gut punch to our families. And, closer to home, Hartford micromanages our lives with countless regulations, licenses, taxes and fees on everything. The trust between the government in Hartford and the rest of us is broken. And the Covid crisis is providing one heartbreaking example after another on how big, clunky collective solutions from Hartford are sapping our individual energy to thrive.”

“I feel the exasperation of hair salon and barber shop owners who were told they can open with no blow dryers, but then yes blow dryers. And these good people booked their clients, they have invested in plastic shields, gloves, masks and disposable robes, and  with two days to go are told sorry you have to wait until June. These are people’s livelihoods that are being deemed by government, on what feels like a whim, as essential and non essential.”

“I believe reasonable common sense people can boldly speak out and push back against the political elite who have lost touch with you and me,” she added. “We need to stem the tide of our friends who are feeling compelled to make plans to leave and stop the policies that are devaluing our homes year after year.”

“There are right and good policies,” she continued. “Those are the ones that keep government in its proper lane and leave people’s earnings in their own pocket to do what they want and need to do. There are policies that give people back their time and energy to pursue their joy, and policies that give people and businesses back their resources to solve the big problems of our time with the ingenuity and enterprising creativity that made Connecticut Yankee mean something.”

Fiorello said she was self-funding and fundraising privately for her campaign.

More information on is available on Fiorello’s website

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