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Richard Blumenthal and Rick Scott Introduce Bipartisan Legislation, “Goldie’s Act,” to Promote Animal Welfare

Goldie’s Act, named in honor of a golden retriever who was neglected and abused at a USDA-licensed puppy mill in Iowa, requires the USDA to both conduct more meaningful inspections and document all violations and to hold more frequent inspections for bad actors. The legislation also requires the USDA to increase coordination with law enforcement, enact stronger penalties for violations, and provide vital aid for suffering animals. Continue Reading →

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Greenwich Awarded $400,000 by the US Dept of Transportation to Improve Road Safety

The Town of Greenwich Dept of Public Works has secured $400,000 in federal grant from the US Dept of Transportation to develop a comprehensive, data-driven safety action plan aimed to improve road safety for all modes of transportation. The grant stems from the Biden-Harris Administration the Roadway Safety Planning Grant program in over 200 communities in 46 states and Puerto Rico. In all, $82.6 million in Safe Streets and Roads for All grants will be issued to support initiatives to enhance safety and help prevent deaths and serious injuries on the nation’s roadways. As part of the safety action plan, Greenwich transportation-related data will be collected and analyzed to identify and prioritize which areas in Town need roadway safety improvements. These improvements encompass all modes of transportation – including motorists, pedestrians, and bicyclists. Continue Reading →

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“Stand with Israel Rally” Draws Hundreds to Greenwich Town Hall

“This war is personal for many of us. Two of my cousins are on their way to the front right now. I am sure that if I asked for a show of hands that almost all of you would have some personal connection in grief and rage.” – US Senator for CT Richard Blumenthal Continue Reading →

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