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STOWE: Got Power?

“Our monthly electric, cable and phone bills are expensive. We all pay a lot for access to these critical services. I recognize that our utility companies are dealing with legacy issues, layering 21st century technology on top of 18th and 19th century roads and 20th century systems. Infrastructure is not easy but we should all know what we’re paying for and we deserve to get top quality service for our money. Let’s ask all these questions of our utilities, our state regulators and ourselves.” – Kathleen Stowe, candidate for State Rep, 149th district Continue Reading →

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Bernstein, Stowe: Reflections and Looking Forward

“While we hoped for a more collaborative approach, the budget process over the past few months created a lot of stress and tension for many. Being able to land where we did is certainly the right result – while we made reductions to our budget, we are spared from deep cuts that would have included the further loss of staff and programs.” – Peter Bernstein, Kathleen Stowe Continue Reading →

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Republicans Nominate Kimberly Fiorello to Run for State Rep, 149th District

“In the big picture, the politically connected class in Hartford – by tricks, subterfuge and cunning – are creating a debt the size of Mt. Everest, and our kids will be crushed trying to climb that mountain. This situation is worsened by the COVID-19 crisis, eroding our income and sales tax receipts, and surging medical costs that will consume our state’s $2.5 billion rainy day fund.” – Kimberly Fiorello, Republican candidate for State Rep, 149th house district Continue Reading →

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BOE Talk about Budget Process Turning Partisan

“What we need to do is instruct and guide the Superintendent who is still new and doesn’t really understand the context of Greenwich. Sean (Sean O’Keefe, COO) is even newer and doesn’t understand the context of Greenwich…We need to guide our new employees who may not understand the dynamic in Greenwich and what is accepted.” – Peter Sherr Continue Reading →

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Following Emotional Hearing, Board of Education Votes on Combo of Engineered Natural Grass and Artificial Turf at CMS

Passions were high during the public comment portion of the BOE meeting where several men, mostly coaches and teachers, spoke in favor of synthetic turf. The BOE voted 6-1-1 in favor of Option 4. Continue Reading →

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