League of Women Voters Urges Support Grant for Registrars under Consideration by the RTM

Submitted by Sandy Waters, President, LWV Greenwich

In November, 62% of Greenwich voters supported the inclusion of language in the State Constitution permitting Early Voting; only 38% opposed. Clearly, Greenwich voters from both political parties recognize that Early Voting provides greater flexibility for voters without risking the integrity of the voting process.

LWV Greenwich supported the Early Voting ballot initiative.

We continue to support it by urging the RTM to accept $500,000 grant currently under consideration by the RTM.

Our Registrars, Republican Fred DeCaro and Democrat Mary Hegarty, run a first-class operation. Their professionalism is exemplary. They plan to use this grant, in part, to respond to as yet-unknown provisions of state law to implement Early Voting as well as other improvements in election technology and management.

The Grantor is a well-known 501(c)(3) nonpartisan organization with substantial bona fides and no demonstrated verification of political bias despite numerous legal challenges. The Grantor exercises no outside control over how the grant is spent.

This is an opportunity to improve our community’s voting function and to share the professionalism and experience of our Registrars with others.

We should accept this grant and then, to our Registrars and to the Grantor, we should say, “Thank you.”

Sandy Waters
LWV Greenwich