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Requested Waiver for Permit for St Roch’s Feast Procession Determined Unnecessary

Parks & Rec Dept director Joe Siciliano said as of Thursday morning the application had been submitted, the fee paid, and the insurance submitted, but the only detail holding up the permit was the date on the insurance was incorrect. Continue Reading →

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UPDATED: St. Roch Church Withdraws Request for Waiver of Insurance Requirement for Alcohol during Feast

Editor’s note: At the beginning of the July 13 Selectmen meeting, Greenwich First Selectman announced that Paul Cappiali’s agenda item requesting a waiver for the insurance requirement for alcohol on private property during St. Roch’s Feast was withdrawn. The July 13 Board of Selectmen meeting agenda is lengthy. Three items under new business concern the St. Roch’s Feast. Continue Reading →

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