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Don’t Miss the Shellfish Commission’s 12th Annual Experience the Sound Event

This year new participants include a seaweed farmer from The Kelp Farm with information and seaweed tasting, plus an oyster cage fishing boat, face painting a caricaturist, and much more. This is a great, family friendly event! Continue Reading →

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Letter: Adoption of State Water Plan is in Jeopardy; Water is a Public Trust Resource

“Adoption of the State Water Plan is in jeopardy. The opposition is being led by the water utilities and some legislators are listening. The utilities are concerned with language in the plan that refers to water as a public trust resource. …This language simply reflects current state statute.” – Denise Savageau Continue Reading →

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Supermoon Storm Surge Inundates Binney Pond and Its New Plantings

Conservation Commission director Denise Savageau said it’s difficult to know how much salt water intrusion there was in Binney Pond last week, given there was significant snow and rain coming downstream. The new plantings around the pond were completely submerged. Continue Reading →

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Proposed Lot Split in Milbrook Creates a Stir with Neighbors

Milbrook residents turned out for Tuesday’s P&Z meeting to oppose a lot split at 156 Overlook Drive, citing diminished value to wildlife, a canyon effect of homes built on steep slope, and destruction of natural rock formations that are part of the Greenwich heritage. “The real question isn’t can you do it? But should you do it?…Someone will buy it, sell it and move on…Pounding this thing into submission and jamming two houses in it that you have to enter from the garages. It is not good for us. It is not good for Milbrook. It is not good for Greenwich.” – Waldo Abbot of Milbrook Continue Reading →

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