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Greenwich Tree Warden: We’re Not Tree Huggers; We’re Vigilant About Hazardous Trees

“As much as people think we are a tree preservation organization or a bunch of tree huggers, we’re tree managers. We’re not cutting down trees because they’re dropping nuts on a lawn, or dropping leaves in a gutter. But, we’re not going to give it a second thought if they’re a hazard to the public either.” – Bruce Spaman, Greenwich Tree Warden Continue Reading →

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Greenwich Tree Warden on New Leb Tree Cuts: “My decision is to remove the minimum number of trees.”

Greenwich Tree Warden Bruce Spaman issued a decision on tree removal at New Lebanon School. He said trees on school campuses are included in “Greenwich’s Community Forest” and that the trees removed must be replaced with a 1 to 1-1/4 ratio. Continue Reading →

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Tree Talk: Replacing Trees at GHS, Holiday Lights on Greenwich Ave, CL&P “Enhanced Tree Trimming”

Bruce Spaman, the town Tree Warden and JoAnn Messina, director of the Greenwich Tree Conservancy touched on topics including replacing hundreds of trees cut down at GHS, Holiday lights on the trees on Greenwich Ave, and utility company “ground-to-sky” clearing around lines. Continue Reading →

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