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TALKING TRANSPORTATION: Vehicle Miles Tax Trial is Under Way in CT

Full disclosure: I’m one of those who signed up and so far the test has run seamlessly while providing me with great metrics on how many miles I’ve driven, how much CT gasoline tax I’ve paid and what the pricing might have been under a Vehicle Miles Tax. Turns out my hybrid Toyota Prius would pay less under a VMT plan than pay a gas tax. The trial runs through October. – Jim Cameron Continue Reading →

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LETTER: Push Poll for Republican Primary for First Selectman of Greenwich is Underhanded

“Politics today has gotten past the point of nastiness and far away from the cause of the common good of the people. An example of this is evident in a recent poll I received regarding the Republican Primary for First Selectman of Greenwich.” – Michael Hahn, Riverside Continue Reading →

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LETTER: Beware of Politicians Touting Connecticut Tolls

“On April 8 and April 10, the Lamont administration drove two fatal daggers into their own pro-tolls arguments. On the first date, state Department of Transportation officials reduced the target for infrastructure spending by billions of dollars, and on the second date Governor Lamont himself announced he expects billions in increased federal subsidies for improvements to our transportation system.” – Len Suzio, Former State Senator (R-District 13) and vice-chair of the Transportation Committee Continue Reading →

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Berg: Framing the Question of Tolls

“When I ask if they are concerned that another bridge failure on the highway or railroad could undermine their property value, when I tell them that congestion tolls reduced childhood asthma by 50% in Stockholm, when I tell them that congestion tolls increase the predictability of deliveries and deliveries per hour for businesses, and when I explain that electronic tolls will provide discounts for highway commuters and bigger discounts for low-income commuters, my neighbors say, ‘No, we don’t oppose Tolls.'” – Peter Berg Continue Reading →

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Farricker: Bergstein’s Tolling Bill is Unfortunate Example of Governmental Laziness

“As a lifelong proud Democrat, it saddens me that we are looking to solve a problem stemming from decades of government inaction on the backs of the middle class and small businessperson — people who have always been willing to help when asked fairly.” – Frank Farriker, former chair of Greenwich DTC Continue Reading →

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