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LETTER: Attack on Moss RTM Vote Based on Specious Argument

“The vote (Michael Spilo) refers to was a vote against the deletion of $200k from the current budget for a second propane refueling station to be located at Holly Hill. What Spilo fails to mention is that his analysis used different accounting methods than the Town. He ignores other factors contributing to the cost/benefit analysis such as the reduction in emissions and the cost savings to the town as it continues to add duel fuel vehicles to the town’s fleet.” – Caryn Rosenbaum, Greenwich Continue Reading →

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Terry Lowe: Cheryl Moss Works Across the Aisle

“Cheryl will champion efforts to ensure that Connecticut and Greenwich are leaders in converting our state to a Green Economy with a focus on renewable energy and sustainability. She will support gun control legislation, pay equity for women, and protections for the LGBT community.” – Terry Lowe, Greenwich Continue Reading →

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Meet Cheryl Trepp Moss, Democratic Candidate for State Rep in District 151

Last week the DTC nominated a relative newcomer to local politics, Cheryl Trepp Moss, to run for State Rep in District 151, the seat vacated by Fred Camillo. Moss, who is District 8 chair on the RTM is married and lives in Cos Cob. She graduated from GHS as did her three sons. Continue Reading →

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