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TALKING TRANSPORTATION: Why is there still no free Wi-Fi on Metro-North?

By Jim Cameron

Airplanes have Wi-Fi. Even Connecticut’s CTfastrak commuter bus system from New Britain to Hartford gives its passengers free Wi-Fi. Commuter railroads across the US offer Wi-Fi, including Boston’s MBTA. Wi-Fi is everywhere… but not on Metro-North. So the Connecticut legislature has just budgeted $23 million to install 5G technology on the railroad’s M8 cars. Continue Reading →

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“The Night Owl” service resumed last year from Boston to Washington, minus the NYC sleeper’s pick-up and drop-off. There was only one sleeping car and it wasn’t cheap: $284 for a roomette, $376 for a bedroom, one way. Alas, the Amtrak timetable now says that train has been cancelled for the moment due to COVID, but it may come back. Continue Reading →

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