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Crowd at Glenville Forum Vents about Byram River Dam, Flooding, Traffic, Urbanization

Noting the large turnout, Camillo, who is running for re-election for a third term this November, offered to schedule a future forum at a bigger venue. He offered to pick a date in late September after the Sept 24 Valley Jam, and work with local PTA’s to spread the word. Continue Reading →

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PHOTOS: North Mianus Students Eat 5-A-Day The Rainbow Way

At North Mianus School, the annual Fruit and Veggie Challenge served up a rainbow of fun. During the annual healthy fruit and vegetable challenge students sampled everything from mangoes and yellow peppers to blueberries and cucumbers. Again, Stop & Shop was the primary sponsor of the week-long challenge. Students maintained charts tallying a week of servings of fruits and vegetables. The class with the most participation won an extra 15 minutes of recess, though it might not be cashed in until the weather warms up a bit. Continue Reading →

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Glenville Post Office to Stay Put at Glen Ridge Shopping Plaza, Renovation Proceeds

Architect Rudy Ridberg prefaced his presentation to the ARC of proposed renovations to the “Post Office building” in Glenville by mentioning that the Post Office has agreed to stay in the building, which will be welcome news for longtime customers.
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