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Crowd at Glenville Forum Vents about Byram River Dam, Flooding, Traffic, Urbanization

Noting the large turnout, Camillo, who is running for re-election for a third term this November, offered to schedule a future forum at a bigger venue. He offered to pick a date in late September after the Sept 24 Valley Jam, and work with local PTA’s to spread the word. Continue Reading →

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PHOTOS, VIDEO: Friday Flooding in Cos Cob Was Precursor to Severe Cold and Wind

The worst of the weather was forecast to arrive in the form of plunging temperatures, strong wind, rain and possible snow on Friday afternoon. And that happened. But first there were the floods. The scene in Cos Cob was captured by Myra Klockenbrink who noted that the timing of the heavy rain overlapped with high tide. She captured video showing flooding of Suburban Ave and water flowing the wrong direction as the tide pushed water north from Mill Pond to the brook running south from behind the former Drawing Room and under Suburban Ave and under Putnam Ave. Continue Reading →

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Join Army Corps of Engineers, Fred Camillo and Jim Himes for “A Conversation about The Byram River”

The recommended plan includes removal of the two US Route 1 bridges spanning the Byram River and construction of new bridges within the same footprint at a high elevation and without any piers that enter the floodway in order to reduce restrictions to river flow. Continue Reading →

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