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Voting in Person or Absentee? What You Need to Know about Ballot Boxes in Greenwich…

“If you have enough money to mail postcards to every single citizen in the United States, can’t you pick up the mail? Really?” – Connecticut Secretary of State Denise Merrill on the postcard mailing from the US Postal Service Continue Reading →

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Blumenthal Proposes “Gold Star” Stamp to Honor Sacrifice of Families Who Have Lost a Loved One in Combat

In 1947, President Harry S. Truman signed into law legislation establishing the first Gold Star Mothers stamp.

The original Gold Star Mothers stamp became available on September 21, 1948.

The first sheet of stamps were presented to Mrs. Thomas F. Sullivan of Waterloo, Iowa, who lost five sons when an enemy torpedo sank the cruiser Juneau on November 13, 1942. Continue Reading →

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Glenville Post Office to Stay Put at Glen Ridge Shopping Plaza, Renovation Proceeds

Architect Rudy Ridberg prefaced his presentation to the ARC of proposed renovations to the “Post Office building” in Glenville by mentioning that the Post Office has agreed to stay in the building, which will be welcome news for longtime customers.
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Beyond October? A Post Office for Glenville. Post Office Says They’re Working on It

What’s tricky, according to the real estate rep from the US Post Office is that beyond October, the Glenville Post office, whether it remains in Glen Plaza Shopping Center or not, requires a separate entrance for customers and mail carriers and mail deliveries. The existing location has a generous loading dock and separate entrance at the rear. Continue Reading →

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