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Residents Unite to Demand BET action on Julian Curtiss, Old Greenwich and Central Middle Schools

Parents described flooding including sewage at Old Greenwich School, buckling walls and water coming in at Central Middle School, injured children being carried up an down stairs at Julian Curtiss due to lack of an elevator. Continue Reading →

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SWOMLEY: Alarm bells are going off and we need to wake up in Greenwich.

“Let’s actually do some urban planning – invest in our schools and fire protection, deal with parking, traffic, try to reduce our waste and be more environmentally conscious. Sadly, that cannot happen unless we change our First Selectman and control of the BET. We can change BET control by giving Democratic BET candidates more total votes this November AND also change the complexion of the current Republican BET membership.” – Joanna Swomley Continue Reading →

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BET CHAIR: There is a Process for Approving Capital Funds

“It is not fiscally prudent to ask for bids after the total cost was appropriated – practically speaking, you wouldn’t tell a contractor what you will be willing to pay before he had a chance to offer an estimate as to what they felt it would cost to do the repairs.” – Michael Mason, Chair, Greenwich Board of Estimate and Taxation Continue Reading →

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GROUP LETTER: RTM’s Hands Were Tied on North Mianus School Emergency Appropriation

“It is important to understand that the RTM may only vote to approve or reduce budgeted amounts set by the BET, it cannot add appropriations. RTM members who believe that the $2.1 million is insufficient could have voted no on the appropriation, but that would have denied the BOE even this small fraction of the total funds it desperately needs to start repairs.” – Group letter Continue Reading →

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