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Town Environmental Affairs Director Reflects on Plastic Bag Ban’s One Year Anniversary

Enforcement has been uncomplicated, rarely taking more than a phone call for businesses to comply with the program. “People shouldn’t hesitate to report non-compliance. There is no heavy-handed consequence needed – only education.” Continue Reading →

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Letter: Please Recycle All Those Holiday Party Supplies, Packaging and Wrapping Paper

“It’s the season of additional food containers, party supplies and all sorts of packaging and wrappings, plus batteries and old electronics replaced by new. No getting around it, there’s just more to recycle during the holidays.” – Joanne Clark Continue Reading →

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Lopez: Thousands of Reusable Bags Ready to Give Away in Advance of Sept 12 Plastic Bag Ban

“We have exceeded our goal of 5,000 bags, and have secured pledges for 8,124 reusable bags – 2,324 of which are on hand. …Yesterday, my wife, our two daughters, our longtime family friend and sister, Maria Berisso-Santos and her daughters, joined me as we kicked off the reusable bag giveaway at Wilbur Peck Court in District 1.” – Anthony Lopez Continue Reading →

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Plastic Bag Ban is Almost Here; New Plastic Bag Bin Added to Holly Hill

The plastic bag ordinance goes into effect on Sept 12. Businesses who have a supply of plastic bags they haven’t used up can apply for an exemption. A reusable bag drive is being planned and reusable bags are begin discounted at one local grocery store. Continue Reading →

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BYOGreenwich: Reusable Checkout Bag Ordinance Costs Zero if People Bring Their Own Bag!

“The Reusable Checkout Bag Ordinance is written to support reducing plastic pollution, ward off our temptations to just substitute paper in its place, protect our local businesses and create a new vision of a thriving competitive 21st century economy that will attract families to Greenwich and further stimulate our economy.” – BYOGreenwich Continue Reading →

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